We are dedicated to rock drilling rigs and rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment and auxiliary materials for surface and underground operations, and can provide high-quality products and after-sales services. We can provide you with various types of OEM spare parts, with the purpose of improving production Ability to reduce usage costs.

Based on the advantages of rock drills, we can provide customers with upgrading and transformation services, and provide perfect solutions for customers' production needs.


With manufacturing advantages, we can provide customers with customized products and services, such as propulsion beams, drilling booms, rock drills, etc.


We are also very professional in the remanufacturing of equipment and rock drills


The huge inventory quantity can solve the timeliness problem of spare parts supply for customers in time。


I focus on rock excavation-related businesses and am committed to providing customers with a complete set of solutions

Factory Show

  • A professional product testing center

    In order to ensure product quality, the company is equipped with a professional product testing center that uses three coordinates, a metallographic microscope, a lever balance, a hardness tester, a smoothness meter, an altimeter, a spectrometer, and other testing equipment to carry out strict quality inspections of each component . Ensure that the size and accuracy of each part can be consistent with the drawings and meet strict factory specifications.

  • Professional heat treatment center

    In order to make mechanical parts that have the required mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties, in addition to selecting various materials and forming processes, heat treatment processes are essential.


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