What role can Rock Drill play in tunnel engineering?

2023-08-11 09:27

Rock drill is mainly used for drilling rock in tunnel engineering. It breaks the gravel on the rock surface through the high-speed rotating drill head, so as to achieve rock crushing and excavation. Rock drills can be adapted to different types of rock, including hard rock, soft rock, and concrete.

Rock drill produces a large amount of gravel and cuttings during rock drilling. In order to ensure the smooth progress of rock drilling operations, rock drills are usually equipped with a slag discharge system, which can discharge the generated gravel and cuttings out of the tunnel in time to keep the rock drilling surface clean.

Rock drill can also perform support work while drilling rock. Rock drills are usually equipped with support devices, which can be used to carry out support measures such as sprayed concrete, installation of bolts, and installation of steel mesh during rock drilling operations to improve the stability and safety of the tunnel.

Rock drill can also be used to fill tunnels after the rock drilling operation is complete. The rock drill can transport filling materials such as concrete and mortar to the rock drilling surface for filling operations, thereby completing the construction of the tunnel.

In a word, Rock drill plays a role in multiple aspects such as rock drilling, slag discharge, support and filling in tunnel engineering, and is an indispensable and important equipment in tunnel engineering.

Rock Drill

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