Rock Drill FEED

1. Rock Drill FEED adopts advanced technology and design, and has excellent drilling efficiency and working performance.
2. Rock Drill FEED adopts high-strength materials and precision manufacturing process, which has excellent durability and reliability.
3. The design of Rock Drill FEED is simple, the operation interface is clear and easy to understand, and the operator can get started quickly.

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Product introduction of Rock Drill FEED:

A rock drill is a type of engineering machine equipment used to break rocks and concrete. It is widely used in construction, mining, highways, water conservancy and other fields. The feeding methods of rock drills mainly include manual feeding and hydraulic feeding. Manual feeding requires the operator to manually push the rock drill to feed, which is suitable for some small projects; hydraulic feeding drives the rock drill through the hydraulic system to feed, which has the characteristics of high automation and high efficiency, and is suitable for large projects. The feed speed of the rock drill refers to the speed at which the rock drill head moves during the working process. The choice of feed speed should be determined based on specific engineering requirements and the hardness of the rock. Generally speaking, the faster the feed speed, the higher the work efficiency, but the higher the requirements for equipment.

3128280279 FEED

Advantages of Rock drill feed:

  • The rock drill feed produced by our company is highly versatile and can perfectly replace Atlas Copco, Epiroc, Tamrock, Sandvik,At the same time, our company accepts customized business, regardless of cost, customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit and satisfaction.

  • Crafted with the highest precision, the 3128280279 FEED has a solid construction to withstand the toughest drilling tasks.

  • 3128003028 FEED takes powerful performance as the core, bringing incredible drilling speed and efficiency. It handles a variety of materials with ease, including concrete, asphalt and rock, making drilling jobs quick and easy.

  • 3128308105 FEED is adjustable to customize the feed rate to your drilling requirements. Whether you need slower speeds for more precise drilling or faster feed rates to maximize productivity, there's the flexibility you need.

  • The Rock Drill FEED is ergonomically designed to prioritize user comfort and ease of use. Lightweight yet strong design reduces operator fatigue so you can work longer hours.

3128003028 FEED3128102660 FEED

Company team introduction:

The company has a professional technical and design R&D team consisting of 15 core members, including 4 with doctoral degrees, 3 with postgraduate degrees, 8 with bachelor's degrees, and 3 senior engineers. The company has invested a lot of money in researching and learning foreign advanced equipment technology, absorbing existing advanced technologies from Sweden, France, Germany, Japan and China, and combining product characteristics and domestic and foreign construction needs, strictly following the system requirements and product development process, starting from the product project , Design, R&D and process control, and then to the optimization of process and tooling, focusing on the design and development of high-end hydraulic rock drills for trial use in different working conditions and workplaces.

3128280279 FEED

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