Down The Hole Bits

1. Down The Hole Bits are made of high-quality steel and hard alloy materials with high hardness.
2. The drill teeth of Down The Hole Bits are evenly stressed, not easy to fall off, and can chisel rocks with a few concentrated forces.
3. Down The Hole Bits can be used in various geological exploration scenarios.

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Product introduction of Down The Hole Bits:

Dth hammer bit is a tool used for underground drilling. It is generally divided into two series of down-the-hole drilling tools, high wind pressure and low wind pressure. It is made of high-quality steel and hard alloy materials. The dth hammer bit uses rotation and downforce to cut underground rock and bring cuttings to the surface. down the hole drill bits down the hole drill bits are usually used in mining exploration, geological survey, water well drilling and other fields. The design and specifications of rock drill button bits will vary according to the specific geological conditions and drilling purposes.

dth hammer bit

Product advantages of Down The Hole Bits:

1. Efficiency: dth hammer bit can drill quickly, complete drilling operations in a short period of time, and improve work efficiency.

2. Can save manpower: down the hole drill bits use rotary cutting method to drill, compared with the traditional drilling method, it saves the process of hammering and reduces the physical exertion of the staff.

3. Strong adaptability: rock drill button bits can work in various extreme geological environments, including soft soil, rock, etc.

4. High precision: rock auger bit can drill more precise hole diameter and shape, which is suitable for drilling operations that require high precision.

down the hole drill bits

Applications of Down The Hole Bits:

1. Geological exploration field: DTH hammer bit can be used in geological exploration work, such as underground mineral exploration, geological survey, and can obtain address information and samples.

2. In the field of construction engineering: down the hole drill bits can be used for geological treatment in construction engineering, construction of consolidated cast-in-situ piles, etc., for drilling holes and fixing components.

3. Field of mine engineering: rock drill button bits can be used in blast hole drilling, mining hole drilling, etc. in mine engineering to obtain ore and rock samples.

rock drill button bits

About us:

We are dedicated to rock drilling rigs and rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment and auxiliary materials for surface and underground operations, and can provide high-quality products and after-sales services. We can provide you with various types of OEM spare parts, with the purpose of improving production Ability to reduce usage costs.

Based on the advantages of rock drills, we can provide customers with upgrading and transformation services, and provide perfect solutions for customers' production needs.

dth hammer bit

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