Down The Hole Drilling Pipes

1. Down The Hole Drilling Pipes are made by cold drawing process, the pipe wall is smooth and free of debris, which reduces the risk of debris falling into the impactor and causing the impactor to fail.
2. The joints at both ends of Down The Hole Drilling Pipes are processed by friction welding without weak joints.
3. Down The Hole Drilling Pipes have long service life. The threaded part is heat-treated, not only wear-resistant but also easy to disassemble.

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Introduction to Down The Hole Drilling Pipes:

Down The Hole Drilling Pipes are a tool used for drilling underground. It is made of steel pipe and usually consists of a drill pipe and a drill bit. Down The Hole Drilling Pipes use rotation and impact force to drill into the ground during the drilling process, and are usually used for rock and soil drilling. It has simple structure and convenient operation, and is suitable for drilling tasks under different geological conditions. Due to its high efficiency and fast characteristics, down-the-hole drill pipes are widely used in mining, construction and water conservancy engineering and other fields.

drilling into steel pipe

Advantages of Down the hole drilling pipes:

1. Different materials can be used for the rod body and the joint, which improves the heat treatment optimization performance. Other forms 2. The joints of Down the hole drilling pipes have high mechanical properties and wear resistance. Downhole pipes last longer than other forms.

3. Down the hole drilling pipes are light in weight and flexible.

4. The design of the inner hole channel of the threaded probe can fully consider reducing the hydraulic loss when passing through, especially reducing the loss caused by the threaded joint, which can improve the working efficiency of the drilling fluid system.

5. With the improvement of welding equipment, welding technology and heat treatment technology, the connection strength of friction welding has been higher than that of the base metal itself. After the pier is thickened, the welding strength of the weld is higher than that of the base metal.

6. Down the hole drilling pipes have been heat treated as a whole, and their bending resistance and flexibility have been greatly improved.

Down the hole pipes

How to play Down The Hole Drilling Pipes:

1. Assemble the drilling equipment according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

2. Connect the Down The Hole Drilling Pipes to the drilling machine, make sure the connection is firm and tight.

3. Adjust the drilling parameters according to the recommendations for your specific application.

4. Start the drilling process and guide the pipeline into the ground or rock formation.

5. Monitor the drilling progress and make necessary adjustments during the process.

6. When finished, carefully remove the pipe from the rig, paying attention to safety protocols.

7. Inspect and maintain pipelines for optimum performance in future drilling operations.

drilling into steel pipe

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Down the hole pipes

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