Membranes play various functions such as sealing, waterproofing, isolation, and shock absorption in various applicationsone
1.Elasticity: Rubber materials have good elasticity and can deform under external forces, restoring their original state after removing external forces
2. Sealing: Due to the good elasticity and plasticity of rubber membranes, they can fill and seal the gaps between different objects when applied in the sealing field
Thus, it plays a role in preventing oil, water, dust, and gas leakage.
3. Aging resistance and corrosion resistance: rubber diaphragm usually has good weather resistance and
The influence of external environments such as chemical stability, high temperature, chemical substances, and corrosion.
4. Shock absorption and isolation: The elastic properties of rubber membranes enable them to absorb vibrations and impacts, reducing or isolating vibrations and noise transmitted to other components

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Rubber film: Rubber film is one of the key components of an accumulator, which is located in the shell inside the accumulator and plays a role in separating the medium and storing energy.

Rubber film is usually made of high-quality rubber material and can withstand high pressure and frequent deformation




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