Industrial Rock Drill

1. Industrial Rock Drill adopts advanced rock drilling technology and powerful power systems with high efficiency.
2. Industrial Rock Drill is equipped with a precise positioning system to avoid errors.
3. Industrial Rock Drill is capable of various rock drilling operations and has versatility.

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Product introduction of Industrial Rock Drill:

Rock hole driller is a kind of mechanical equipment specialized in rock drilling, mainly used in engineering construction, mining, tunnel construction, rock splitting and other fields. It adopts high-power power system and advanced rock drilling technology, which can perform rock drilling operations quickly and efficiently. A rock drill press usually includes a rock drill body, a rock drilling tool and a control system. The main body of the excavator mounted rock drill is usually driven by a powerful motor or diesel engine, with stable power output and high-speed rotating rock drilling tools. Rock drilling tools can be selected according to different rock drilling needs, and the common ones are rock drilling bits, rock drilling hammers, etc. The control system can be operated through buttons, handles, etc. to realize the functions of starting and stopping, steering, and speed adjustment of the rock drill.

rock hole driller

Product advantages of Industrial Rock Drill:

1. Environmental protection: Rock hole drill adopts advanced rock drilling technology, which produces little noise and vibration during use, and has little impact on the environment.

2. Safety: Rock drill press is equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, such as overload protection, overheat protection, etc., to ensure the safety of operators.

3. Durability: Excavator mounted rock drill adopts high-quality materials and solid structure design, which has strong durability and long life.

4. Easy maintenance: The maintenance and maintenance of excavator rock drill is relatively simple, which can reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

rock drill press

Industrial Rock Drill is mainly used in the following fields:

1. Construction engineering: rock hole driller can be used for building demolition and stone mining. It can quickly and efficiently drill rock, break concrete and stone on construction sites for demolition or renovation of buildings.

2. Mining: rock drill press plays an important role in mining. It can be used to mine various types of ore, such as coal, metal ore, limestone, etc. Rock drills break hard rock and ore into smaller pieces suitable for transportation and processing.

3. Tunnel engineering: In tunnel engineering, excavator mounted rock drill can be used for rock drilling and blasting operations. It can drill rock, break rock during tunnel excavation, and ensure the stability and safety of the tunnel.

excavator mounted rock drill

About us:

We are dedicated to rock drilling rigs and rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment and auxiliary materials for surface and underground operations, and can provide high-quality products and after-sales services. We can provide you with various types of OEM spare parts, with the purpose of improving production Ability to reduce usage costs.

Based on the advantages of rock drills, we can provide customers with upgrading and transformation services, and provide perfect solutions for customers' production needs.

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